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During health concerns and outbreaks, our professionals are trained to sanitize and clean in addition to regular cleaning. We have a variety of sanitizing products advertised to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. All our supplies, equipment, etc is sanitized and cleaned at the end of each day. Our professionals are instructed to stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms or health issues. 

Wearing masks

We are happy to wear a mask for customers who request it. However, this may cause an increased financial cost or inability to finish pre-set tasks. Wearing a mask increases the amount of carbon dioxide being re-breathed and thereby reduces the amount of oxygen reaching the brain. In turn, this can reduce our efficiency by 20-30%, can cause reduced cognition and dexterity as well as increased confusion and strain on other bodily functions like gross motor skills. If a mask is required, professionals may be required to take 10 minutes of fresh air outdoors for every hour they work, on the clock. A more strenuous activity, such as vacuuming, scrubbing a shower, or climbing and descending stairs, may require more break time.  

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